Endurance running is one of the most natural and accessible sports available. Our human ancestors developed the ability to run over long distances at great speed in order to hunt their prey. As a result, our bodies have evolved into the perfect running machines.

Running coaching helps provide athletes with the direction required to develop these inherent characteristics into a peak performance. Suitable for track, road and cross country runners of all abilities, the Fast Twitch Performance running coaching package will help you to become an ultra smooth, powerful and efficient runner. You will learn how to:

  • improve your running technique
  • boost stamina, strength and speed
  • run effortlessly over hilly and difficult terrain
  • develop pacing skills
  • taper correctly for an event
  • periodise your training for a peak performance

Running Coaching Package includes:

  • annual periodised training plan
  • monthly individualised training program
  • access to personal coach via phone, email and Skype
  • feedback on training data
  • analysis of race results
  • access to all running squad sessions
  • goal setting
  • nutritional advice
  • race strategies for distances from 800m through to Ultra Marathon
  • coach attendance at key events (where possible)

Coaching Fees:

  • $270/month for Adults
  • $200/month for Juniors
  • initial start up fee of $70 applies to all new coaching packages
  • minimum 3 month commitment
  • prices exclusive of GST